EKLE’ brand was born in 2001 from the experience in the fashion system of MANIFATTURE BELLET SPA. Thanks to these characteristics MANIFATTURE BELLET SPA has been able to achieve prestige in the fashion and clothing business. EKLE’ brand is expression of Made in Italy, with special focus on quality and design, a constant interest for technical innovation together with craftsmanhip for particular details. Our total look is easily recognizable thanks to a clear and strong design, with a particular attention to the selection of the best materials and details.


Constant research and quality are the main value of EKLE’, a brand that is expression of the Italian style. In every single piece of EKLE’ collection is made with refinement and elegance, based on our desire to create unique articles that every woman enjoy to wear. 15095673_10157727937040092_3113304594421190817_n15171171_10157769235875092_327529584513075770_n